Thursday, May 31, 2012 joins the Discovery Institute link farm

For a while, Uncommon Descent's resident flack (Denyse O'Leary) has linked in several blog entries from's blog. TBS appears to be a web resource targeted at Christians choosing a college. The main site mixes articles on the 10 Best Nursing Programs with interviews with folks such as William Lane Craig. The blog, however, seems to be the sole province of James Barham.

Well, it used to be the sole province of James Barham. Now Denyse herself has begun posting there, and Barham's posts have begun cross-posting between TBS and the Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views site.

I had hopes for TBS, since it seemed to allow comments and Barham seemed to be a nice fellow posting on intellectually interesting topics. Alas, after I registered and tried to post a comment it went from moderation to deletion without seeing the light of day. At this point, I would consider TBS (the blog at least) to be just another corner of the DI link farm.


RBH said...

Barham is an old-timer from ISCID's Brainstorms, the now-defunct discussion board of the (also defunct) International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design, one of Dembski's web vehicles. I never thought very highly of his commentary, since it seemed to be pretty far removed from facts on the ground (a characteristic of much philosophy of science).

David vun Kannon said...

Someone pointed out that he also gave testimony in the Kansas Board of Ed hearings on evolution. He was new to me, however.