Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cell phone bricked, time for a new one

Customer loyalty to electronic components doesn't really make sense, but it obviously exists. I've had a preference for Motorola since my days programming an Apple II. (I suppose the iPhone 5c would be the Apple LXVI if they had kept that naming scheme.) I was actually upset when Apple dropped Motorola CPUs in favor of Intel - and I didn't even use a Mac at that point.

My Motorola prejudice extended to smartphones, and I was a loyal Droid buyer for the last several years. No more.

My Droid 2 bricked itself yesterday. Somehow, one of the battery pins worked loose, though I have never dropped the phone. It stopped working without being plugged in to the charger, which defeats the purpose  of a mobile phone.

One quick trip to the Verizon store, and I walked out the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4. Quad core 4G Android goodness. In white. Sorry Moto. The Droid line just didn't have it for me any more.

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