Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chipping Away at the Wierdness

Over at the Mindful Hack, Denyse O'Leary defends the study of prayer thusly

Anyone familiar with the placebo effect would consider $2.3 million to
study the power of prayer money well spent.

How should we understand this? Does Denyse really think God is nothing more than the placebo effect? If intercessionary prayer "works", there should be some measurable difference between the placebo effect and people who are prayed for.

I think Denyse would like to help people believe in the objective reality of God. She is, after all, not a journalist but an apologist. This kind of post does not advance that agenda.

However, it is interesting when looked at in the context of many of Denyse's posts on Mindful Hack, Uncommon Descent, and her Design of Life blog. In posts where Denyse tries to channel Carl Zimmer to actually write about science, she winds up writing sentences that carry assumptions such as the reality of deep time, an old earth, and common descent. Is she with Michael Behe on this, and against most of her crank readership?

Also more out of the closet recently is DaveScot, Uncommon Descent's resident dominatrix. Dave fessed up to the same trio in a few posts over there recently, but has saved his crank street credibility by backing some form of front loaded evolution.

Are we seeing some of the loudest cheerleaders of ID talking themselves down? One can only hope.

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