Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Now?

In the interests of full disclosure, let me admit that I have been banned at Uncommon Descent. It is something of a badge of honor...

So one of the reasons for this blog is to provide a platform for comment and Kremlinology on the denizens of UD and the discussions there.

This time around, let us wonder at the recent post by Dr. Dembski himself. Yes, what is the predictive power of ID?

cue crickets chirping...

Well, that wraps up our program for today!

Now, for the Kremlinology portion of our show - what is the subtext of this message?

First, it is a way to say "I am important". Normally, important people don't have to broadcast that fact, so this is really telling us that Dr. Dembski's importance is falling rather than rising.

Second, it tells us that someone in the media is actually taking Darwin Day seriously. There is no other reason that anyone would take Dr. Dembski seriously enough to put him on TV (other than with Steve Colbert). Dr. Dembski is the "counterpoint" position for a Darwin program. Well, for a Fox program he might be the "point" position...

Third, it says Dr. Dembski's estimation of his chances of actually getting on the program are low. After all, actually appearing on the show is much more impressive than telling your friends that you might be invited on the show. But if this is as good as it is going to get, he's got to go with it.

Fourth, what is it with WaD and premature ejaculation? The guy cannot keep his mouth shut until the real results come in, he has to start blabbing at the very beginning. If you want other examples, look at the Polya Center and EIL fiascos. The guy knows how to kill his own prospects with ill timed PR better than anyone I know.

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Brownian said...

Very nice.

I tried to read the comments regarding the 'predictive power' of ID, and, for the first ten or so at least, none of them are positive.

I wonder if any interviewer has asked them what value their 'science' will have when they finally do defeat the evil Darwinist Hegemony.