Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sketch of comics hero team

Oh yeah, I like comics and manga, too. Sorry I forgot to tell you earlier.

I visited an Oscar site yesterday, and was happy to see that Cate Blanchett was nominated for Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I feel really stupid for not realizing that this movie is a sequel.

Anyway, it got me thinking about a hero team set in the Elizabethean Age.

In the backstory, Elizabeth really is the Faerie Queen. The last test of a new Queen of Faerie is to seduce a mortal lover, but Elizabeth instead falls for the mortal and renounces her throne in Faerie. This choice angers a large number of powerful spirits, who were planning on using Elizabeth's control of two thrones (Faerie and England) to transform England into the New Atlantis. (Not the New Atlantis of Bacon, sorry.)

Our heroes:
Gloriana - Queen Elizabeth in disguise. Or is Elizabeth the disguise, and Gloriana her real identity?
Sir Francis Walsingham - the spymaster of Elizabeth in real life. Here, a bit more "hands on".
Dr. John Dee - a link between the scientific and the supernatural. Capable of a bit of wizardry with the help of the right artifacts.
The Golem of Prague - on loan to Dee from the Maharal of Prague, who made him. Think Ben Grimm with a Yiddish accent.
Thomas Phelippes - asistant of Walsingham. Inventor, cryptographer, etc. The Q to Walsingham's M. Deciphered the Book of Soyga for Dr Dee.

Our villains:
Phillip II of Spain - wants to conquer England and create his own version of the New Atlantis.
Duetia - beautiful faery, would be Queen of Faery if she could eliminate Gloriana.
John Kelley/Talbot - worked with Dr Dee but has fallen under dark influences.
Quetztlcoatl - the Aztec god, making a deal to stay alive in the New World's New World Order.
Talus - a mechanical man/animated suit of armor. Sometimes comic relief for being too literal.

I know you're asking already, who would win a Golem vs. Talus smackdown. Is the occult science of Dr Dee any match for the pure pagan fury of a God? Can Walsingham outwit Phillip? Can Gloriana save England from drowning beneath the waves if Duetia has her way? And what about Naomi?

Find out in our next issue!

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Daniel said...

Well Marvel is a ahead of you...they made 1602, featuring their heroes fighting crime in....can you guess? 1602....