Thursday, January 17, 2008


So I was watching (via PT 'natch) the slow motion train wreck of Florida school districts signing up to stupidity, consigning a generation of graduates to burger flipping and telemarketing hell.

(Btw, if they ever figure out how to outsource burger flipping to India, we are toast. That is, until they figure out how to outsource toast to India...)

So there I was, all smug in my insufferable suburban Yuppie way, when it suddenly occurred to me that the fair state of New Jersey has its own share of rural ignorance, people from one end of the state who impose blue laws on the other end, teachers in Kearny that lecture kids on their private religious beliefs, etc. Perhaps I should check out how my own state is doing?

The good news - New Jersey has some (IMHO) appropriate core content standards in place for life science education in evolution. New Jersey got an A while Kansas was getting an F- (pwned!) a couple years ago when KS was devolving into BS. The standards went into effect in 1996 and are reviewed every five years. Testing shows that even economically disadvantaged kids are scoring above 50% "proficient" at all grade levels.

The better news - we have a state dinosaur! (OK, OK even Florida has a state fossil.)

Back to smug complacency until 2011, when our standards come up for review...

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